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October 25, 2006

The first Conan movie has been released on region 1 dvd at last. It was nice to catch one or two points I missed from the pure Japanese DVD. It's a pretty good movie, and the later ones are even better (with the unfortunate exception of the second where the animation is unbearable). The second season is starting in November. I hope they include more extras like they did in the first season box set. Oh, there's also a considerable amount of the manga out, but being a dub-hating stick-in-the-mud, I haven't looked very carefully to see how my reading matched up. I should speed up my updates to try to keep at least a bit ahead of the translations. So for now, I'm uploading four story arcs I completed a while ago, but got sidetracked on. I appologise to anyone who still reads this for the huge gaps.

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March 08, 2006

I checked out my guestbook again, and yipes, I had a few mistakes that people were kind enough to point out. (And 90 spam messages that I need to find my passowrd to ditch.) First of all, I would like to thank Vic (his site) for sharing that Ran is named after Maurice LeBlanc. Second, Bryan for pointing out that I accidentally let the wrong "hai" for Haibara slip past me. And third, Jade for pointing out that Shinichi (ignoring the kanji) can be "One Truth". (I'm stickin' to Edogawa Ranpo since that's what every Japanese reference I've seen, including my trusty 広辞苑, calls him.) I'll add these, along with a spelling correction that's been eating at me for a while, to the pages.

February 21, 2006

Well, I made it with 3 weeks to spare avoiding going a year without updating. Conan is now into volume 52. That's 9 more than I have at the moment. Fortunately (?) I still have a long way to go before I need those volumes for the site.
So I swear I actually have settled my affairs of changing jobs, houses and all that boring adult stuff to actually start updating regularly again. To back it up, here's 3 new story arcs. With many many more to come along with new pictures, etc, hopefully.

March 14, 2005

Oy am I unreliable. Yes, I let 4 months slip by without update. Now that my work is changing management I figured now is as good a time as ever to force myself back into the Conan habit. A lot has happened. Case Closed got cancelled, the manga is coming out (with the English names, unfortunately). I was thinking of adding a sample page from each story arc (translated) but with the translation, I'll probably scrap that idea. I'll be putting up a new story arc (skipping 55 for now since I've misplaced volume 19.) I also need to change the folder image with the man in the black cap's incorrect name. As long as I'm getting started again I'm open to suggestions on more stuff to add, which you can email or post on the forum. Well, onto the actual updating.

December 12, 2004

   Again with the delays. I never understood why some of my favorite sites couldn't put up simple new content every day or week, and now I know why. Don't worry though. I'm not giving up on this site for anything. For the moment, today's small update is revising the man in the black cap's name from Hideichi to Shuuichi thanks to the very kind correction by Nemuri Akechi on the message board. Fantastic name, by the way.
   I've got a whole mess of projects that piled up while I wasn't feeling well/working so we'll see if I can untangle TK this weekend (mine's Sun-Mon).

November 9, 2004

   I've failed again. The big problem is I somehow ended up getting a job. Funny how those nasty little things pop up when you least expect them. Lo and behold, what I'm doing for it is designing a website. It's hard to have your favorite hobby suddenly turned into your work; makes it harder to come home and relax with your hobby in the evening.
    Excuses aside, in lieu of a good update (I swear I'll try for tomorrow), I wanted to mention I watched Kiki's Delivery Service the other day. It's cute to see a movie where the voices for the two main characters (Kiki & Tonbo) go on to be the voiced for the same character in Conan (Conan & Shinichi).
    The other day at my volunteer work (see? I'm honestly busy), I was doing data entry and put on a dvd in the background. It happened to be the third Conan movie, the Last Wizard of the Centrury. I haven't seen it in forever, because it's a region 2 dvd, but that's what my crusty old laptop that I take to work is set at. Now I just wanted to point out that I think regionalizing dvds hurt the industry more than it helped it. I bought the first 3 Conan movies in Japan, for 5,000 yen each. These expensive, wholly legitimate dvds don't work in anything I own, except my laptop which can't play any of my other dvds now (without reducing my alotted changes..). Now, however, I believe if one were to do a search for Conan merchandise on a certian auction site, one might come across bootleg dvds. These, let's imagine, are priced at around 15 dollars, are region free, subtitled in poor English. Now even if one wanted to buy the dvds legitimately, the regionalizing has made it nigh impossible to buy the more expensive, less convenient legitimate ones. Now that Conan has been lisenced in the US, the point is thankfully moot. However this scenario could be applied to any other anime out there.

If you were able to sludge through all that, then you know I'll probably be putting more information about the third Conan movie up soon.

October 20, 2004

I'm appalled I went this long without an update. I put up a picture of the man in the black cap, and if I don't do more this weekend feel free to send me nasty emails.

September 24, 2004

Server problems (unrelated to this site, actually) kept me busy this week. I did manage to put up story arc 54. I also decided to do similar formats for the rest of Aoyama's comics. I'll do Yaiba coming last since it's so long, maybe even waiting until I had the Conan ones done (up to at least 40), while I would do the others along with the Conan. In any case, I hope to be doing more now that my great iPod influx has completed with all the cds I've found so far (some missing here and there).



September 18, 2004

I am loathe to go so long without an update, I swear I will be picking up again this weekend. I got an iPod and have been fiddling with it and putting all my CDs on it. I have 3 Conan CDs and 2 singles. I love all of them, but the one I love most is the Best of Conan. It has several openings/closings and movie songs. *ahem* In any case, onto the NDK report:

Nan Desu Kan (Denver's Anime Convention): The main feature of any Con for me, is the merchandise room. NDK usually only gets dub actors, etc., so I'm not too interested (It's all about personal preference, no dub/sub debates! I consider those closed with the advent of dvds). In any case, this year they had AKINA, the artist who did the One Piece opening Believe, unfortunately I had work obligations and had to miss her special concert along with any other events I usually check out. So I can only report on the merchandise. It was pretty much the same as the last two years. Mostly Inuyasha, One Piece, Naruto with a smattering of Lupin, Saiyuuki etc. Unfortunately Case Closed did not spawn any Conan merchandise beyond 3 pencil boards, nice ones granted. I did get some cosplay pics (tons and tons of Naruto this year) that I might put up.
Since this report was pretty much a bust, I'll work hard to put up a lot of updates this weekend, so I hope you'll check back.

September 08, 2004

Chapter titles to chapter 41 up. I'm missing Volume 42 at the moment, so that's as far as I can go continuously, I'll be ordering the missing books by October at the latest, and working on the descriptions for a long time after that.

September 03, 2004

Story Arcs up to 53 up. More on the way.

August 28, 2004

I set the character links in the story summaries to the correct locations, added Tohyama Kazuha's information, and added a wall scroll to the merchandise poster section.

August 25, 2004

Made additions to Story-arc 11 after rechecking the manga. Added a list of the manga I own off the author page.

August 24, 2004

If I'm going to live up to my promises, I will have to go postal. The dvd subtitles not only use the English names, they also use the dub dialog verbatim. I wrote the company to ask them nicely to reconsider.Well it turns out to view the "correct" subtitles you have to change them to the second version. Why didn't they have an option for that or explain it somewhere? Sheesh.
However, to cheer myself up, I'm adding an audio clip of my favorite actor in Detective Conan (which is hard because they're all great). Kamiya "Mouri Kogorou" Akira speaks first in his normal voice, then as Mouri in this clip. I took it as a video at the Premier of movie 7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital. However, the video was terrible, so I chopped it down and made it into an mp3.
So here it is: Kamiya Akira, Actor Extraordinaire. I'll find other places to link it, too, maybe Mouri's page or movie 7, in any case, it's here for now.

August 22, 2004

Many more summaries are up, all the way to the chapter before Haibara Ai's introduction. In other news, the *sigh* "Case Closed" dvds come out Tuesday. If they use "Jimmy" in the subtitles I'll go postal.

August 16, 2004

The last part of story arc 98 is up. A whole story of Conan goodness!

August 15, 2004

Put up a site forum, will be Conanizing it as time goes on. Also the second part of Story arc 98 "circle Cross Triangle Square?!" is up.

August 14, 2004

A complete translation of file 338 (story arc 98, volume 33) is up. The other two files in the story arc will be finished during the weekend sometime. This is one of my favorite Conan stories. Please enjoy That meaning of "X".

August 13, 2004

Two more story arcs up, including the one with Kaitou Kid =3. I think I'll try to do Kaitou Kid's character page too, just to make sure any Kaitou/Kaito confusion is cleared up. Other than that I'll be doing things randomly, so if anyone has a request, feel free to leave it in the guestbook/email me ( or if you're a Deviant Art member, feel free to note me.

August 10, 2004

Over the weekend I got all the character pages up. Sure, they only have the box information at the moment, but they're up. The second page of frequent characters also now all have real thumbnail pictures and portraits in their pages. There are still a few loose links in the manga section that I'll be shoring up pretty soon. The character info will probably be filled in as I get to them in the summaries. So, for now, it's mainly story summaries, though if anyone has any picture requests, I'd be glad to see what I can do. (p.s. If you don't know their Japanese name, describe who they are/what case they're in).

August 7, 2004

Story arcs up to 42 (and 49 & 50) are up. I will be updating the titles and translations on the manga page as I go through each story arc. My next big project besides that should be making sure all the character pages are linked properly, and writing up the remaining characters who have been introduced throught the current story arcs (ie. Gin and Vodka).

August 5, 2004

I've been a little slow updating, but the pace will pick up. I added a biography for Satou and will be trying to update at least one or two story arcs per week, preferably two. If you have been watching Case Closed, be warned that while the story arc descriptions don't give internal spoilers, the character pages might give minor ones. (eg. a recurring character isn't likely to be the murderer even if they're a suspect in their intro story).

Mar. 01, 2004

Story Arc 26 is up, as well as "pictures" of all the second tier characters who didn't yet have one. Oh and the guestbook has a link now.

Feb. 29, 2004

The first 25 of 123 story arc summaries are up. (Until I can get my hands on volume 42, I'm leaving the statistics and chapter titles up to only volume 41, (there are 44 volumes currently)). I will be trying to keep updates regular. First to complete the site to the 41 volume mark, then update as new books come in. The 12 main character pages are done as well. The chapter titles are only done up to Volume 18, and will be updated as the story arc summaries progress. More information is coming on the merchandise, movies, and trivia pages, though they are not the primary focus at the moment. All links to future character pages should lead to a dummy page, rather than nowhere.


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