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What is Detective Conan?

Detective Conan is a comic created by Aoyama Goshow. It deals with the adventures of a highschool detective who finds himself in the body of a first grader. The series has underlying plots including relationships between the characters, Shinichi/Conan's struggle to return to his old form, and the intrigue of a Crime Syndicate. These recurring plots are wound around stories of murder, which Conan solves. Although the primary audience is children, the sophisticated plots make it a good story for adults too. The fact that violence is more loosely regarded in its appropriateness for children in Japan, is another factor is making it more suitable for adults in America.

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This site is meant as a resource for the manga version of Detective Conan. It includes character descriptions, plot summaries, and chapter titles. I know from experience that a manga budget can sometimes be tight, so I've included a list of which characters are in what volumes, along with a summary of the different stories within, in case a reader wants to budget which Conan volumes they get. Conan is a terrific series, and I encourage peop

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